The Wii U will launch throughout the world this month. Nintendo has begun an advertising campaign in preparation for the console's arrival. The first video spot is now available for viewing.

The set of the commercial looks like some massive version of a Hollywood Squares set. Each room of this building has a different set of people playing the Wii U in a different way. In one room, a father and son play LEGO City Undercover. In another, a couple watches a movie. A third shows five kids playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii U. Nintendo's trying to showcase the many ways you can use the console.

The GamePad controller of the Wii U is prominently displayed throughout the advertisement. You never really get a sense for one of the coolest gameplay features of this tablet, though: the tablet's screen shows information that's different from the television. For example, in a hide-and-seek game, the player who is "it" could search for players without the people hiding from him knowing where he is. Furthermore, the tablet's screen can be used to provide supplemental information or functionality to the player. It can provide players with, say, a map or an inventory screen. Nintendo hints at these features in the ad but it's a little too complicated a point to make in this limited time.

It's also a shame that core games are unrepresented here. The Wii U exclusive ZombiU seems like a no-brainer for Wii U ads. I suppose bloodthirsty zombies wouldn't really fit the "family fun" vibe, though. Hopefully Nintendo's got another ad up their sleeve that showcases some of the more hardcore offerings of the console.

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