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Nintendo is standing proud, happy about the boost in momentum of their new generation console. The device has managed to shift nearly half-a-million units over a six month period, bringing the two to 460,000 SKUs moved for the fiscal year. has a detailed rundown of the events, noting that in the previous quarter Nintendo moved an abysmal 160,000 units but in the following quarter they managed 300,000 units, which isn't that bad at all. In fact, they've nearly doubled their offerings, showing a near 200% growth in the second quarter.

Nintendo has managed to achieve this 200% growth spur like a pubescent teen hitting strides before coming back and showing off arm pubes and facial hair during the freshman year of high-school. It was previously noted that the Wii U had seen a week-by-week sales increase of 685% due to the price-drop and the new Wind Waker HD bundle, and this helped spur sales for September by 200%, compared to the previous quarter.

In simple terms: while a lot of gaming journalists will spin 460,000 into negative news, you need to consider that the brunt of those sales numbers actually derive from the last weeks of September, showing a disproportionate shift in sales momentum and lots of gain heading into the days of the second quarter.

Basically, this means that Nintendo has most of their top-end sales thanks to the price-drop and the new bundles. This should spell an auspicious shift in marketing appeal for the Wii U heading into the holiday season, especially given how blatantly the system is now selling thanks to Nintendo's new shift in priorities.

This marketing push didn't come without expenses, though, and the Big 'N' admitted to spending $236 million in both marketing and research and development of new titles. Nintendo didn't specify how much they spent where, but even if we split that evenly down the middle, that would mean that Nintendo spent about $118 million in marketing and the same amount in developing new games... yes, they're researching and developing new games.

Even if there's a lopsided take on how much they're spending on software versus how much they're spending in marketing, I think Nintendo is very much on the right track. They have the Nintendo 3DS to help pick up the slack as the Wii U gets back on track, shifting more than 3.89 million units throughout the quarter and more than 27.38 million software units.

And speaking of software... despite the Wii U's 460,000 SKU number the system moved 6.3 million SKUs of software. This means that Wii U owners have been putting big bucks into the console's software line-up despite all the doom and gloom from analysts and gaming pundits saying that the system is down for the count. And given the Wii U's paltry software offerings throughout the majority of 2013 up until Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 released, I would imagine that's pretty good for Nintendo.

With the new Skylanders SWAP bundle inbound and the new Wind Waker HD bundle out and about, Nintendo could see a strong holiday season to round out 2013.

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