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Nintendo continues to make waves in the world of game development, making another stride towards separating the Wii U from its competitors. In a earnest twist of expectations, the Big 'N' has confirmed (through a developer) that the Wii U will allow for cross-platform play between mobile devices and the Wii U.

GimmieGimmieGames managed to get in word with VooFoo, a developer working on a port of Pure Chess for the Wii U's eShop and mobile devices. VooFoo told the site that...
They’ve also been very open minded in allowing us to support cross platform play with the iOS and Android versions of Pure Chess – this is a really great move and something I hope we’ll be able as developers to do much more in the future

This is similar to what Sony has allowed from developers such as Digital Extremes, where they, too, confirmed that Warframe would be cross-compatible between playing on PC and PS4.

The VooFoo team wasn't done showering the Big 'N' in praises, though. Even though they're only making an eShop title that isn't coming to retail, they still had some positive things to say about Nintendo's Wii U and its hardware capabilities, noting in another GGG article that...
Wii U really seemed to be an ideal platform to bring Pure Chess to – it’s quite a beast of a machine so is very capable of throwing around some pretty impressive visuals.

This definitely flies in the face of other, more unsavory descriptors that a few other studios churned out when talking about the Wii U, such as Electronic Arts calling the system crap.

Now for those of you wondering why some group like VooFoo Studios would have the gumption or prestige to even talk about the power of a game system when they're prepping to release Pure Chess, the main thing to consider is that Pure Chess is pure visual sex. This game looks sexier than a dark mahogany grand piano with gold trimmings around the pegs and crystal carved keys. Yeah, it's that freaking sexy.

For those of you wondering just how sexy the game looks, check it out in the trailer below or the screenshots below that. If the game can look that clean and pristine on the Wii U then it definitely gives hope for more polished titles to eventually release on the new console in the future.

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