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There are 120 games coming out for the Wii U. Indie games, I might add. Some of them look awesome, some of them look lame, some of them look good, some of them look bad and some of them look downright freaking amazing.

Nintendo Enthusiast has been whip-cracking Jason Lepine to pump out a series of videos highlighting some of the amazing upcoming titles for the Wii U, since Nintendo doesn't pay in enough Doritos and Mountain Dew to get many top-level Doritocrats to offer any sort of positive coverage on the Wii U (although, you won't have to look for the Nintendoom wheel to spin feverishly fast on any of the top tier sites).

Anyway, the Wii U has some really awesome games coming up. I was surprised at the quality level of games inbound for the system. Some of the RPGs, like Liege and Dex, oh man, oh man... now those are some real games.

We previously wrote about Liege coming to the Wii U, but knowing that it's making its way to Nintendo's console makes the news all that much more sweet.

Dex is another game we were pretty excited about here at Gaming Blend. The cyberpunk, side-scrolling RPG appearing on the Wii U is just awesome, awesome, awesome news. I'm very happy that Dreadlocks Software is taking that step to bring this well-received and highly anticipated game to the Wii U.

Of course, while RPGs are awesome, I'm even more excited about the racing titles inbound for the console. Check out the video below.

Fast Racing Neo from Shinen Games is probably one of my most anticipated games this year, alongside Mario Kart 8 and Monolith Soft's 'X'. It's funny because these aren't the big AAA titles with $100 million dollar budgets, but they're games aimed at being fun.

Another game I can't wait to get my hands on is the Kickstarted Road Rash reboot called Road Redemption. Oh my goodness, I've put countless hours into the Road Rash series. I absolutely cannot wait to see how this game turns out. I might even double dip for the game on both Steam and for the Wii U.

Now, I understand a lot of people are probably wondering why Nintendo isn't doing more to promote these games, but I think they're playing it safe until they know for sure that these titles are secured for release.

Remember what happened with Ubisoft pushing back Rayman Legends and turning it multiplatform? Or what about Aliens: Colonial Marines getting a last-minute cancellation job? Or how about EA killing Crysis 3 right before they printed the gold master disc for the Wii U? Exactly.

However, once these games land on the eShop, Nintendo needs to market the absolute crap out of the fact that the Wii U is full-up of buy-worthy games, because I'm already excited and we still have a ways to go before they release.

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