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Here's a novel concept: reward new players just for playing your game. That's the idea behind a new contest by Next Island LLC who will be giving away a custom built gaming PC from iBuyPower just for playing the Entropia Universe MMO, Next Island.

Entropia Universe is very similar to Second Life but without all the crap. It focuses more on world expansion and gameplay interaction. The real big tipper is that the entire universe operates on a real-cash economy, so gamers can technically make a lot of cash by buying, selling or bartering goods in the game. It's a pretty cool concept.

To expand the player base, the operators have made it very simple to win a brand new gaming rig so you can play any and every new game on the highest settings possible. Alternatively, you just might want a new PC so you can play games without having to worry about framerate issues.

Paul Radil, CGO at Next Island LLC shared a brief comment about the giveaway by saying...“We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with iBuyPower. They’re a leader in creating complete computing solutions that meet the needs of gamers.”

Again, all you have to do is download and start playing the game to get entered into the contest. The actual specs for the PC are as follows: iBuyPower custom rig that features an Intel Core i7 960 Tray, 12GB of Memory, 60GB SSD, DVD/BLU-RAY and 4GB Video Card.

A 4GB video card will keep you set for at least another half-decade...good grief that's a lot of VRAM.

Anyways, the complete rules for entry are below or you can visit the Official Website for further information on Next Island.

(1) Download Next Island (http://install.entropiauniverse.com/download.php)
(2) Create a free account
(3) Fill out an entry form
(4) Play the game and keep those fingers crossed!