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It’s yet another massive week on the PlayStation Network, with new games coming out for all three PlayStation consoles. From football to golf, shooting bullets to flinging neon grenades, there should be a little something here for everyone.

Kicking things off for this week’s batch of PSN goodies is the story-driven DLC for Ps4 exclusive, inFamous: Second Son, called First Light. Those of you who have played the game proper are likely very familiar with the character, Fetch. She’s got a mysterious background, and now players can dive deep into that narrative by playing as the neon-wielding heroine herself. Expect some brand new abilities to unleash, as well as a snowy new location at Curdon Cay.

Bouncing over to the PlayStation 3, the PSone Classic, Card Games, hits the network this week, making me questions Sony’s definition of the word “classic.” Not begrudging the game’s existence as a digital title, but given how many legendary PSone games still haven’t made it to the service, I can’t help but be a little disappointed. Sorry, Card Games, I’m sure you’re also quite lovely.

Hitting up the Vita this week will be Day D Tower Rush, a tower defense game that sees the player defending their time machine from invading hordes of dinosaurs. Sony’s portable machine will also be causing much joy for JRPG fans, with Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 brings its ridiculously named adventure to the Vita.

Sportsball fans have a lot to be excited about this week, too. The Golf Club offers up some new 18-hole antics on the PlayStation 4 while the annual visit from St. Madden yields NFL 15 for the PS4 and PS3. This time around, you can expect “a new arsenal of pass rush moves, an intuitive tackling system, improved coverage logic and immersive new camera angles,” according to the official announcement. There’s also a semi-sports offering in Putter Golf for the PS3, which is all about some sweet, sweet mini-golf action.

Two (kinda) new shooters will be on the PS4 this week, including Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux. If you’d rather just get them both at the same time, then you could also buy Metro Redux instead. That last one will be available at retail, too, while the standalones are digital only.

Finally this week, the second chapter of Telltale’s The Walking Dead adventure game draws to a close this week with Episode 5, “No Going Back.” Find out what happens to Clementine and all of her fellow survivors in a conclusion that will quite likely leave us all a sobbing, miserable wreck. Look for that on both the PS3 and Vita. And don’t forget about that new Walking Dead table for Zen Pinball, too.

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