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Guild Wars 2 Is Getting A Refreshing Update With New Content

When Guild Wars 2 was released, it was instantly known for what developer, ArenaNet, called, “A Living Story.” This meant that the narrative within the world of Guild Wars 2 would change and live even while players were logged out of their accounts. With the start of the new year, ArenaNet has finally announced what can be expected for Guild Wars 2 in the first update of the new year.

Guild Wars 2's First Raid Launches Next Week

Guild Wars 2 has grown steadily since its launch in 2012 and, come next week, the popular MMORPG will receive its first ever raid, the Spirit Vale.

WildStar Is Now Free-To-Play

For folks who held off on joining the WildStar adventure due to a monthly service, now might be the perfect time to claim your spaceship and get to exploring the galaxy, as the Sci-Fi MMORPG has officially gone free to play.

Guild Wars 2 Heart Of Thorns Launch Trailer Unleashes The Jungle Dragon

ArenaNet unveiled the newest cinematic launch trailer for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, set to release on October 23rd. The upcoming expansion adds a whole new depth of gameplay features to the MMO, along with new areas to explore and new skills to master.

Guild Wars 2 Heart Of Thorns Release Date Has Been Set

Guild Wars 2 is about to undergo some major changes including the additiona of the highly anticipated Raids, a shift to the ever-popular free-to-play model, as well as a launch date for the upcoming expansion, Heart of Thorns.

Guild Wars 2 Is Adding Fast-Paced Solo Adventures

MMORPGs aren’t always about partying up and going on epic raids with friends. Sometimes you just want to tackle the baddies solo and, to that end, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is introducing a brand new “Adventures” mode, built to be fast-paced challenges for single players.

Watch Guild Wars 2 Cheater Get Trolled By Developers

A cheater in Guild Wars 2 was found out by other gamers. They recorded him in action, took to the forums, posted the video and then complained to the developers what sort of actions would be taken against the cheater. Well, the developers responded by trolling the cheater and deleting his character... and recorded video of it.

You Can Test Guild Wars 2's New Stronghold Mode This Week

Guild Wars 2 players will be able to try out one of the main features of the next expansion pack this week. ArenaNet will be holding a public beta for the new Stronghold mode in their PC MMORPG.

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns Expansion Pack Announced

ArenaNet has announced Heart of Thorns, the first expansion pack to their PC and Mac MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Heart of Thorns takes players to unfamiliar locations filled with new activities.

Guild Wars 2 Invites Players To Investigate The Dragon's Reach

For those of you looking for more baddies to kill, quests to tackle and loot to pilfer in Guild Wars 2, your wait is finally over as NCSOFT and ArenaNet announced the latest update to the game's living world, “The Dragon's Reach: Part 1.”

Guild Wars 2 Celebrates Chinese Launch With Four Winds Festival

Guild Wars 2 finally launched in China recently and, to celebrate, NCSOFT and ArenaNet have announced a special “Festival of the Four Winds” event, a brand new update that brings back the fan-favorite Zephyrite festival. Like the Chinese launch, the Four Winds festival begins today.

Guild Wars 2 Expansion Heads To The Edge Of The Mists

The next phase of Scarlet Briar’s master plan is set to unfold, and it’s up to the player to figure out her next move before she has the chance to bring the citizens of Tyria to their knees in the latest expansion to Guild Wars 2, “Edge of the Mists.”

Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2013 Celebration Is Blood And Madness

For the second year in a row, Guild Wars 2 will be hosting a special Halloween-themed event. However, ArenaNet won't just be using the same "Shadow of the Mad King" content from last fall. Instead, they're hosting a different event called "Blood and Madness."

Guild Wars 2 Free Trial Week, Twilight Assault Event On The Way

ArenaNet has a new Twilight Assault event planned for their MMO Guild Wars 2. Before they launch the event, though, they're inviting players to try out the game for free.

Guild Wars 2 Tequatl Rising Event Adds Looking For Group Tool

Tequatl Rising, the latest world event for Guild Wars 2, has gone live in the MMORPG. The event centers around an undead dragon who's going on a rampage.

Guild Wars 2 World Vs World Season 1 Starting In October

ArenaNet wants to raise the stakes with World vs. World, the large-scale player-versus-player for their MMORPG Guild Wars 2. On October 4th, they'll be launching the first season of regular match-ups between the different worlds of the game.

Guild Wars 2 Queen's Jubilee Will Bring New Activities

Next week Guild Wars 2 will celebrate the tenth year of Queen Jennah's reign. Players are cordially invited to participate in the Queen's Jubilee at the human capital of Divinity's Reach.

Guild Wars 2 Cutthroat Politics Event Starting Next Week

Guild Wars 2's upcoming event Cutthroat Politics will give gamers a choice in shaping the world. They'll be able to vote on which character will fill the new vacancy on the Captain's Council of Lion's Arch.

Guild Wars 2 Not Coming To Consoles Because Of Microsoft, Sony

ArenaNet once considered bringing their MMO Guild Wars 2 to the Xbox 360 and PS3. However, they've decided to opt against a port due to the policies of Microsoft and Sony.

Guild Wars 2 Bazaar Of The Four Winds Begins July 9th

ArenaNet will launch Guild Wars 2's next in-game event after the Fourth Of July weekend. Bazaar of the Four Winds is a gathering of merchants that will provide the community with new summer-time diversions.

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