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CLANG Put On Hold As Kickstarter Money Runs Out

Kickstarter success story CLANG is officially on hold, developer Subutai announced today. The PC sword-fighting simulator is short on funding and full-time development can't continue without outside help.

Clang Officially Kickstarted For Sword Fighting Enthusiasts

Subutai's upcoming game, Clang, has officially been crowd-funded on Kickstarter, just barely meeting its goals of $500,000. The project includes more than just making an intense arena-based sword fighting game, though. The project also includes APIs and SDKs to help other game developers make convincing sword-fighting games as well.

Clang Kickstarter Has A Week To Go, Still Needs Your Help

The Kickstarter for Neal Stephenson and Subutai Corporation's Clang is in dire need of an extra kick to get started. With barely eight days to go and sitting at a pretty $374,334 out of their initial $500,000 goal, Neal has released another video for one extra push to reach their financial destination.

Gabe Newell Pops A Cameo For Kickstarter Sword Fighting Game, Clang

Two new videos are available for the general public, both detailing what this Kickstarter campaign is about and how to participate. What's more is that Gabe Newell, Valve superstar, makes a cameo in one of the videos as he's hammering out the details on Gordon Freeman's infamous crowbar.

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