Gabe Newell Pops A Cameo For Kickstarter Sword Fighting Game, Clang

Subutai Corporation headed up by long-time fantasy author Neal Stephenson wants to venture into the world of video games. It's not just that, they want to do something long-time sword fighting fans have always wanted: a customizable sword fighting game with a huge variety of sword mechanics, styles and types.

Two new videos are available for the general public, both detailing what this Kickstarter campaign is about and how to participate. What's more is that Gabe Newell, Valve superstar, makes a cameo in one of the videos as he's hammering out the details on Gordon Freeman's infamous crowbar. Check it out below.

Pretty hilarious.

The thing is, that's only part of it. The second video does a much better job of explaining the methodology and paradigms that Subutai wants to use for the game. It's not just about making another generic sword fighting title, it's about evolving the genre so sword fighting fans will have something fun and unique to play that did not exist before.

If you enjoyed titles like Bushido Blade or Mount & Blade, then you'll definitely want to check out Clang. I especially love the fact that Stephenson has such a rich appreciation for various sword arts and really wants to explore that in the game, as well as all the variation of swords that they can possibly squeeze into the title. I really, really hope they can get the proper team together and secure funding because I would so love to play a game like this. Check out the second trailer below.

If you've seen enough, if you've become convinced that this truly is a game worth supporting, then feel free to pay a visit to the Official Clang Kickstarter Page to help promote and contribute to the title. They're currently sitting at $18,329 out of $500,000. So they could definitely use some help. They still have an entire month to go so there's hope.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.