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Here's Why We Still Haven't Seen DayZ On Consoles Yet

DayZ is still plugging right along, according to director Dean Hall, but it sure has been quiet on the post-apocalyptic zombie front these past several months. Fans expected to see the game on consoles at this point but, according to Hall, there's a very good reason why that hasn't happened yet.

The Reason DayZ's Developer Won't Discuss His New Game Idea

Dean "Rocket" Hall made waves as a big dog in the gaming industry with the Arma 2 mod, DayZ. The mod later evolved into a standalone game, and then Hall left to work on new projects. Well, he's keeping his newest game close to the chest due to what happened with DayZ.

The DayZ Forum Hackers Might've Stolen User Info, Get The Details

Bohemia Interactive sent out word that DayZ's forums have been hacked. Not only that but usernames, e-mail addresses and passwords have been stolen by hackers. Bohemia Interactive has suggested for users to change their passwords ASAP as they switch to an all new board system to better protect users.

DayZ Servers Can Now Be Monetized

Bohemia Interactive is experimenting with a new monetization method for DayZ, where players can run their own monetized private servers. Of course, there's a catch: Your server has to be approved by Bohemia and if you attempt to make the server a pay-to-win server they can shut it down and even enact legal actions against you.

DayZ Creator's Next Game Isn't For Everyone

Dean “Rocket” Hall made a name for himself working on the DayZ mod for Arma II that eventually evolved into the standalone release of DayZ. Well, his next game is called Ion and it's for everyone, even though it is classified as an MMO.

DayZ Is Losing A Lot Of Players

According to some Steam stats it appears as if DayZ has dropped from 23,000 average players in January, 2014 all the way down to 6,000 average players as of June. It's safe to say that the drop has been rather significant and the game has a lost a ton of its player-base over the course of just a year.

5 Great Games That Are Too Hard For Newbies

Older gamers love to talk about how games are just too easy these days. To some extent, they're right. There are a lot of games built with complete newbies in mind that have abundant tutorials, easier difficulty settings, and forgiving mechanics like regenerating health.

DayZ's Dumb Ways To Die Revealed By Music Video

So many different dumb ways to die in DayZ. The question is: how many ways have you died in DayZ? If you haven't played the game the following music video will be very enlightening. If you have played the game then it's basically just a visual history lesson for you.

DayZ Will Add These Features In 2015

Following on the roadmap that was recently released for DayZ that explains all the new features the game will receive leading up to its 2016 release, the development team behind the open-world, zombie-survival title released a blog post explaining what games can expect from DayZ in 2015.

DayZ Creator Reveals His New Studio

RocketWerkz.... it only makes sense. That's the name of Dean “Rocket” Hall's newest game studio... RocketWerkz. It's a nice play on his nickname and has the 'Z' and everything to make it hip and cool. A bunch of young people will see the name and have their eyes filled with glittery stars and their heart filled with ceaseless ambition.

DayZ Price Increased; Full Release Coming 2016

We now have an official developmental roadmap for DayZ's standalone release. We know what Bohemia has planned within the upcoming months and just how much it's going to cost in the end.

DayZ Could Arrive On Xbox One, PS4 In 2015

In a recent interview, DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall discussed the possibilities of the game arriving on Sony and Microsoft's home consoles, and exactly how soon and in what state games can expect the game. The news comes on the heels of Bohemia Interactive's previous announcement that the PS4 would be getting a special edition of the popular open-world zombie title.

DayZ Dev Addresses Development Progress, Community Concerns

It's a long, hard road toward the goal of claiming “completion” but Dean “Rocket” Hall and the rest of Bohemia Interactive are still moving forward. Through this process, however, the team has had to assuage the concerns of fans and address the roadmap of the game's current development direction.

DayZ Getting Special Release On PS4, New Details Revealed

We've been hearing and reading about the possibility of a port for quite a time, but it always seemed like something that was so far away and far off that it seemed more like a pipe dream than a possible reality. Well, it turns out that DayZ on the PlayStation 4 is a much larger reality than a lot of gamers may have anticipated.

PS4 May Get Early Access Games Like DayZ Or Rust

Unlike PC gamers, console owners can't buy games while they're still in alpha or beta. That may change on the PS4 in the future, though.

DayZ Gets An Engine Upgrade For Better, Faster Updates

Dean “Rocket” Hall and the rest of the crew at Bohemia Interactive working on DayZ managed to get a full team upgrade back in March. While we thought this was just a complimentary thing to help speed along development, it was actually done so that they could quickly overhaul and upgrade the core engine that powers the game.

DayZ Rap Battle: Heroes Vs Bandits Video

It's no where near as good as the Call of Duty versus Battlefield rap battle, but the video showdown between the hero and bandit from Bohemia Interactive's DayZ is pretty darn cool.

DayZ Sells 2 Million Copies

Another milestone has been reached for DayZ's standalone release. Dean “Rocket” Hall took to the social media sphere to make it known that the open-world, zombie-survival game has managed to sell more than 2 million copies.

DayZ Is Played By A Popular Walking Dead Star

Well this should come as a pleasant surprise to some and no surprise at all to others; but Walking Dead television star Chandler Riggs, turns out to be a pretty big fan of the post-zombie-apocalyptic survival game from Dean “Rocket” Hall and crew, DayZ.

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