DayZ Will Add These Features In 2015

Following on the roadmap that was recently released for DayZ that explains all the new features the game will receive leading up to its 2016 release, the development team behind the open-world, zombie-survival title released a blog post explaining what games can expect from DayZ in 2015.

The new comes on the heels of Dean “Rocket” Hall going full-on with hiring for his new studio, Rocketwerkz. The former front-man for DayZ packed up his bags and moved on following a couple of years of hard work on the zombie survival title.

Over on the DayZ website, the new project leader for the game, David Durcak, explained his excitement for his new role and taking over as the lead designer...

“Firstly, I'd like to thank Dean Hall for leading the team for the past two years, and I wish him the best with his new studio. The growth of the DayZ team over the past 12 months will be integral to the prolonged success of the game. With the additional team members, we hope that throughout the upcoming year we will be able to create more content and a deeper experience for the DayZ audience. Plus, it will also enable us to significantly improve the technology for the standalone, and polish the features that we have. All in all, it is our goal to create the best experience we can, in terms of frame rate, visual quality and the overall gameplay.”

Some of the team even offered their take on the thrill and tension of working on the standalone of DayZ in a brief development video that you can check out below.

The development team had previously ramped up the headcount in order to better organize and get more content finished and published for public consumption. Things have finally stabilized to the point where they plan to add in a lot of new DayZ content throughout 2015, including brand new vehicles, crafting and even base building.

The goal is to get early ground and aerial transport into the game throughout the first quarter of 2015.A new stealth system, an advanced renderer and a new anti-hack system are also inbound (or at least planned). The long awaited diseases will also arrive, along with a new zombie type that carries diseases.

As mentioned in previous posts, the game will also maintain makeshift opportunities to combat sickness with various antibiotics, healing materials and more.

To help Throughout the second quarter of 2015, there will be advanced vehicles with advanced repair, player statistics, a brand new, overhauled user interface, as well as a new stamina feature. Oh yeah, and dynamic events will also be added, which should add a ton of flair to the game, as well as excitement.

DayZ content expected to arrive in the third quarter will contain traps, barricades and a character life-span feature, along with a more robust ecosystem featuring animals and birds (predatory animals, to be exact).

You can check out the full list of features over on the official DayZ website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.