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Xbox Game Pass Adds Horror Titles For Halloween

Microsoft continues to expand and grow its library of games for the Xbox Game Pass. This includes adding some frightfully fitting games that are themed around the spookiest season of the year. Yes, some hot and spicy horror games have been added to the Xbox Game Pass just in time for Halloween.

A Ton Of Xbox Games Are Currently Available For Free, Get The Details

Before 2016 concludes and 2017 gets underway, Microsoft is offering gamers one last chance to get their hands on several free games as a way to round out the month and the year. Not only that, but there are also some sweet deals and discounts available too.

Why Outlast 2 Is Going To Be No Different Than The First Game

At this year's E3, I got the opportunity to demo Outlast II and what I found was that despite a setting change and some new characters, the game really wasn't going to be all that different than its predecessor.

New Outlast 2 Gameplay Video Depicts A Horrifying Chase Through A Cornfield

It seems like just yesterday everyone was introduced to a very brief and vague teaser trailer from the sequel to the original Outlast game. Now, developer Red Barrels has released a video showing off almost five minutes of terrifying gameplay.

New Outlast 2 Trailer Teases A PAX East Reveal

It’s been awhile since we got the last teaser trailer from the upcoming sequel,Outlast 2. The video was very vague and extremely mysterious with only images of a burning cross. But what does it all mean? A newly released trailer—er, audio message, we should call it— hints at the fact that all of our questions could be answered at the upcoming PAX East.

Horror Game Relapse Launches New Crowdfunded Campaign On Kickstarter

If you remember the games Outlast and Daylight, then this new horror game, Relapse, will feel very familiar. Relapse recently released an official cinematic trailer alongside the debut of their official Kickstarter page.

Outlast 2 Is Coming This Fall, But It Won't Take Place At Mount Massive Asylum

When Outlast was released, everyone embraced the idea that in this first-person survival horror adventure, you had no weapons and no means of defense. Outlast 2 has been announced for a while now, but now developers confirm that the second installment in the series won’t take place at the terrifying asylum again.

Dev Explains How Outlast Runs At 1080p, 60fps On Xbox One

In the case of Outlast, the founder of the development studio explains just how they were able to hit 1080p at 60fps on the Xbox One.

Outlast Launches For Xbox One, Proves Parity Clause Isn't Impenetrable

Microsoft had mentioned before that the parity clause for the Xbox One (via the [email protected] program) wasn't the be-all, end-all for releasing independent titles on the Xbox One. Red Barrels' Outlast kind of proves that point.

Outlast Whistleblower DLC Creeps Onto PlayStation 4 Today

The unspeakable events that unfolded in first-person horror game Outlast continue today as a prequel DLC chapter called “Whistleblower” makes its way to the PlayStation 4. Players will have the opportunity to find out where the nightmare all began while running for their lives in this all new adventure.

Outlast Whistleblower DLC Coming Next Week To PS4, PC

Red Barrels announced the release date for survival horror Outlast's first downloadable content today. Outlast: Whistleblower will be available on both PC and PS4 in a matter of days.

Outlast, PS2 Classic Trapt Headline Weekly PSN Update

Holy crow, it’s another jam-packed week on the PlayStation Network with all three main platforms getting some digital game love in the form of brand new releases, old school classics and even a handful of demos for those who like to kick the tires before jumping in for a joyride.

Metro: Last Light, Outlast Scare Up Some Fun On PS Plus This Week

Things that go bump in the night will be the flavor of the week for PlayStation Plus as the Instant Game Collection gets a heaping helping of scare-tastic goodness with Metro: Last Light for the PlayStation 3 and Outlast on the PlayStation 4. There will also be a couple of discounts subscribers might want to take advantage of.

PS Plus Delivers Street Fighter X Tekken, Metro: Last Light, PayDay 2 In February

If you thought the January PlayStation Plus lineup was pretty outstanding (which it certainly was), then you may want to brace yourself for another dousing in awesome sauce as Sony announces upcoming titles for February, including a spot on the Instant Game Collection for games like Metro: Last Light, Outlast and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Outlast Will Run At 1080p And 60fps On PS4

Another PC port is making the jump onto the PlayStation 4 this February as part of the PS Plus program and as another widely acclaimed and popular title that found a distinct audience on PC.

Don't Starve, Outlast Coming To PS4 Soon

Sony is still picking slim but picking right from the ripe library of the Glorious PC Master Race's bread and butter distribution portal... Steam. If it's fit for Steam then it's fit for the PS4... or so, that appears to be Sony's motto, as two more highly lauded games from the illustrious PC indie scene will make it onto Sony's newest console.

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