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Nintendo's New Livestreaming Policy Is Bad News For Some YouTubers

Nintendo has updated its policies regarding monetizing content and streaming videos of its video game products on services such as YouTube. The new outline, however, makes it extremely cumbersome to stream from your YouTube account in some cases. Read on to find out why.

EA Has New Disclosure Policies For Streamers

Moving forward, EA is taking a proactive approach when it comes to folks streaming or promoting their games through social media. If you received a game from the publisher for the promotional use, they've taken steps to make sure everyone knows exactly where that game came from.

Some Countries Really Love Some Odd Games, According To YouTube

It should come as no surprise that, depending on where you are in the world, the population is head-over-heels for very specific games. According to a recent study from YouTube, though, quite a few odd choices are making the biggest noise in very specific regions across the globe.

Ultra Rare Nintendo 64 Add-On '64DD' Found By YouTuber, Check Out The Video

YouTuber Metal Jesus Rocks posted a 12 minute video talking about and breaking down the ultra rare Nintendo 64 add-on called the 64DD. It was heavily promoted in the game magazines but never made it to U.S. retail shelves.

A YouTuber Is In Hot Water After Admitting To Lying And Deceiving CS: GO Fans, Get The Details

New information has surfaced regarding a second scandal involving gambling within the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community. Popular YouTuber Lewis PsiSyndicate has admitted to partaking in rigged gambling schemes to help promote a new Russian CS: GO gambling site called SteamLoto.

This Game Let's You Simulate Being A YouTube Star

We may have hit maximum meta, folks, as U-Play Online announces the launch of Youtubers Life, a game that lets you pretend you’re a popular YouTube broadcaster. If someone becomes a YouTube personality off of streaming this game, the internet will literally fold in on itself, swallowing all of existence along with it. So, yeah, here’s a trailer.

This Is What Uncharted Would Look Like In Real-Life, See The Video

It was a mere week ago that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End finally released for the PS4. Fans have been waiting what seemed like decades for the final chapter of the series to conclude. And now that’s it’s over, what else can we do with our Nathan-Drake-detox? One YouTuber decided to bring Uncharted 4 into real-life.

Try Your Luck In A Fallout: New Vegas Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Video

A new choose-your-own-adventure style YouTube video series has been released, turning the classic book paradigm into a new wave media experience. The video series involves Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas, where players will pick and choose their way through dangerous scenarios and killer opportunities.

Watch These Adults React To Playing Team Fortress 2 For The First Time Ever

From the gaming YouTube video channel, React, comes a video from a series about adults and elders playing a kind of game for the first time. We’ve had coverage on elders reacting to the “repulsive” Grand Theft Auto V gameplay, but this one comes from a sentimental part of my heart. Watch the video below where these adults get to test out Team Fortress 2 for the very first time. Their reactions are priceless.

Watch What Minecraft Looks Like In Unreal Engine 4

You ever wonder what Minecraft would look like running on Unreal Engine 4? Of course you have! But now you can stop wondering, as YouTube user John Alcatraz has posted a video showing off everybody’s favorite build-it-yourself adventure running on a beefier engine.

You Can Now Play Space Invaders Inside Dwarf Fortress

Someone has made a playable version of Space Invaders inside of Dwarf Fortress, because who wants to dive through dungeons when you could instead be blasting alien scum out of the sky?

Man At Arms Replicates Pyramid Head's Notorious Sword And It's Terrifying

If you’re an avid Silent Hill fan, then you’re probably very familiar with Pyramid Head and his symbolic representation of the series. On an episode of Man At Arms, where a group of guys gets together to craft real-life versions of weapons from movies, video games and more, they challenged themselves with the official sword of Pyramid Head.

Crash Bandicoot To Return In Fan-Made Game

The epitome of any Gen-Y gamer’s childhood is filled with memories of vibrant platformers like Spyro The Dragon, Jak and Daxter and Crash Bandicoot. It’s been years since anyone has heard anything about Crash Bandicoot since its last few failed titles. But now, a YouTuber by the name of Anisotropic is hard at work designing a fan-made reboot of Crash Bandicoot using Unreal Engine 4—and it looks pretty amazing.

YouTube Gaming Is Adding These Two Major Features

YouTube is elevating their streaming services for gamers with two very big and very important features.

Minecraft Streamer Buys $4.5 Million House, Makes You Question Your Choice Of Career

YouTube is continuing to explode as the new medium in which nearly everyone the world around engages in and consumes on a daily basis. It houses a platform for all sorts of creative minds and uniquely distributed content. One of those content creators is YouTuber CaptainSparklez and he just bought a house for $4.5 million.

Jimmy Kimmel Gives Let's Play Gaming A Try, Is Still Insulting

The world of gaming has been buzzing with Jimmy Kimmel news this week following a series of monologues wherein the late-night host called out folks who enjoy watching other folks play video games. As promised, however, he has now given let’s play gaming a try and captured it for all to enjoy...or at least cringe their way through.

How Jimmy Kimmel Pissed Off A Bunch Of Gamers

By saying that he doesn’t understand why gamers would want to watch other people play games, late night television host Jimmy Kimmel has discovered two very important facts. First, some gamers have very strong opinions, especially when it comes to their favorite pastime. Second, said gamers don’t typically hesitate to share those opinions with you, sometimes in vulgar, threatening ways.

YouTube Videos About Xbox One Deceived Consumers, FTC Says

The United States government's Federal Trade Commission has ruled that YouTube network Machinima engaged in "deceptive advertising" of the Xbox One at the console's launch.

YouTube Gaming Has Finally Launched

YouTube has officially launched their gaming channel and it allows gamers to post up more than just Let's Play videos and video commentary. YouTube has elevated their game to include live-streaming in their line-up.

YouTube Gaming Wants To Challenge Twitch

YouTube is going gung-ho into the live-streaming sector for video games this summer. They've put a window on when they want the service to go live and they've done this by allowing the YouTube Gaming website to go live and give gamers a small taste of what's to come.

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