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YouTube Stars Rhett And Link Just Landed Their First TV Show In Over A Decade

Screenshot of Rhett and Link on their comedy series Good Mythical Morning
(Image credit: YouTube)

YouTube stars have been making the leap from the online space to terrestrial television for years now. Some stars have forged credible careers in film and television, while others have only been able to dip their toes into Hollywood. Unfortunately, Good Mythical Morning hosts Rhett and Link have been in the latter category for a while... that is until now. A decade after their last television show was canceled, the viral comedy duo are making an on-brand return to the small screen.

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal will headline and produce a new series for the Food Network, according to Variety. The show, entitled The Taste Buds with Rhett and Link, will feature the childhood best friends exploring the history and people behind some of the U.S.’s favorite food brands. And the project is moving right along, as the comedy duo reportedly wrapped up production on the upcoming series recently. The entertainment network couldn’t contain its excitement over its partnership with the YouTubers, with its president, Courtney White, saying:

…we are thrilled to have them bring their chemistry and creative gusto to Food Network and discovery+ as we introduce them to our audience and offer up an exciting new project for their millions of fans.

The network is betting big on Rhett and Link’s humor and appeal translating to its audience, as the culinary series will premiere on both Food Network and streaming platform Discovery+ as part of the merger between Discovery Communications and the channel. It appears the duo’s success with “Good Mythical Morning” caught the food-oriented channel’s attention in a big way, which isn't surprising. The channel yields over 17 million subscribers and has amassed millions of views.

The new series isn’t the YouTube stars’ first attempt at transitioning from Internet creators to bonafide television stars. In 2007, they headlined the internet clip show Online Nation for The CW alongside fellow internet personalities Stevie Ryan and Joy Leslie. But ultimately, the show was cancelled after four episodes. The duo made another attempt at network television with the food travel series Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings for IFC in 2011. The docuseries was canceled after ending its ten-episode run.

This new project is further proof that traditional television is seeking to harness the power and popularity of viral stars for more straightforward content. YouTube has become increasingly important to viewers, as reports show that they watch the platform more on their TVs than on any other device. In short, Food Network has made a shrewd move that could pay off in a significant way.

It should be noted that line between the Internet and Hollywood has been blurring for years, as celebrities like Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds have launched successful YouTube channels. Even Matthew McConaughey joined the fold in 2021 with a solid start to his channel

As Rhett and Link leap to television, more stars could likely emerge from the video streaming platform. Food Network might want to scour YouTube for more new talent, as there are plenty of great cooking channels out there

While you wait for more news on that front, you can see what else is premiering on television in 2022 by browsing CinemaBlend's 2022 TV schedule. And hopefully, The Taste Buds with Rhett and Link will land a premiere date soon.

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