After Joining OnlyFans, YouTube Star Corinna Kopf Revealed The Wild Amount Of Money She Made In Two Days

corinna kopf in baseball cap on david dobrik video

While Corinna Kopf might not be the biggest household name, the Internet star has been making waves for years via YouTube and Twitch, sharing her life experiences and video game skills with the world at large. More recently, the former Vlog Squad member revealed that she joined the subscription platform OnlyFans, much to the delight of fans seeking more adult content from Kopf. And it turns out that particular subsection of the fanbase was pretty massive, considering how much money she pulled in immediately after joining.

Corinna Kopf appeared recently in a video shared on David Dobrik's wildly popular YouTube page, with the footage recorded soon after Kopf made the OnlyFans plunge. There, she shared with the crew how much moolah she earned in her first two days on the site:

In 48 hours, I made a little over a million dollars. And then I gambled to celebrate, and I won $30,000!

When it rains, it pours. And apparently when the sun shines on Corinna Kopf, it goes full supernova. The gamer earned more money in a weekend's time than some people make across most of their lives. And largely based on the general idea that a whoooole lot of people want to see her naked, or hardly clothed at the very least. Kopf fed into that idea in the moments after her big reveal by sharing a message from a fan who gave her a $100 tip and casually asked if he could get some...female genitalia. (I'm guessing there isn't an overwhelming amount of poet laureates on OnlyFans.)

While Corinna Kopf was all smiles and giggles when it comes to the financial side of her OnlyFans venture, the process has not been without its struggles. For one, quite a few of those day-one subscribers weren't happy to see that Kopf's initial posts were basically just reshares of her more illicit photos posted on her public Instagram account, which she defended by saying it wouldn't make much sense for her to post all the good stuff right away, and that things would get more interesting in time, as it were.

Not that her subscribers were the only ones making angry noise sounds. Kopf did some of her own ranting and raving after it seemed like some fans made good on prior claims that they would leak her OnlyFans content to non-subscribers. Leaks are one of the biggest problems facing OnlyFans celebs who share adult content, and though there are actions to take to somewhat stop such back-door sharing from happening, it's almost impossible to stop it altogether. I have to assume all the zeroes in the bank help to mitigate the aggravation.

Of course, Kopf will likely always still deal with rude people, as evidenced by a public message shared on her OnlyFans account just this morning.

Fuck all of you who are so fucking pushy and demanding me to post certain shit. i’ll post what i want, when i want. if you don’t like it, then leave!

You can't please all of the people all of the time, I guess. Although if all of the people made $1 million in two days, that would go a long way to making such universal pleasure a reality.

While OnlyFans has long been associated with explicit content, as it has offered sex workers a lucrative new avenue surrounding the pandemic, Corinna Kopf joined the service at a time when execs are looking to make a shift away from promises of nudity and towards more of its initial purpose: to give celebrities a place to share exclusive content with their biggest fans. Considering how much of a financial boost the vid service Cameo has been for actors, musicians, athletes and more, OnlyFans does seem destined for major crossover appeal. (And there are always other sites for that kind of titillation, also.) But until that happens, there are lots and lots of scantily clad men and women to keep subscribers occupied.

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