10 Most Iconic Marvel Movie Soundtrack Songs, Ranked
People Are Really Into Queen's Music Again Thanks To Bohemian Rhapsody

Kick up Queen's greatest hits because following the success of the band's biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, their music is finding a new wave of influence.

Songs I Forgot I Loved: Moby's Porcelain

Eminem might have thought “nobody listens to techno” but denying the rich, hypnotic ambience in Moby’s “Porcelain” is nearly impossible. In 1999, Play produced a melting pot of gospel, house and electronica tracks that kept it on the charts for several years

Cheech And Chong Light Up America On Reunion Tour

Oh wow…far out, man. Seventies stoner comedy duo Cheech & Chong – who once famously fashioned their album jacket for Big Bambu like a giant pack of rolling papers – have set aside their differences in a decades long feud, and announced plans to reunite for a standup comedy tour

What's The Proper Thunderstorm Music?

It’s raining outside. Noah’s Ark day thirty-eight level rain too, not some whimpy droplets of condensation. I’d even call it a deluge. The wind is punish-fucking my bushes, maybe even crying Mary, and the thunder and lightening are more boisterous than twenty world class drag queens

The Smiths’ “Suffer Little Children” – Pop At Its Creepiest

The names of the murder victims are in the lyrics. “Edward, see those alluring lights? / Tonight will be your very last night.” The song isn’t about the killings themselves, either -- it is actually sung from the voice of the dead children, assuring the killers that they will never rest. Hence its menacing chill

Concert Review: Tom Petty Plays For Indiana

Imagine this: Tom Petty walks onstage, older now since the last time you saw him, more defined lines and wrinkles, wearing a purple velveteen jacket and looking glassy-eyed—he’s probably more wasted than you. He opens with “Rescue Me,”

Rant: Why Do People Love Sublime?

Will someone please explain to me any of the following: A) Why everyone who likes Sublime assumes they’re the only person in a thirty mile radius who has ever heard of the band? B) Why Sublime is treated like auditory Valium? C) Why they inspire such reverence when they’re just a poor man’s Sugar Ray?

CB Top 5: Classic Songs With Terrible Lyrics

Grunge rock demi-God Kurt Cobain bore an entire generation with such poignant descriptions as An Albino/A Mulato/A mosquito/ My libido, and he meant it. Only, God knows what he meant. Here now are the Top 5 most beloved songs with the world's most thought provoking lyrics – probably inspired by an autistic, strung-out five-year old

News Flash: Thom Yorke is Neurotic

We already know about Yorke’s phobia of cars owing to his 1987 crash, his irrational fear of flying, plus his paralyzed left eye which gave him difficulty making friends as a child. All of that, coupled with any insight his suicidally dreary lyrics provide, make me fairly certain that I wouldn’t bet the station wagon to rule out serious neurosis

Teenage Son Murders Mother, Juvenile’s Baby Daughter

Senseless murders abound every day but few involve a Cash Money Millionaire. Just over two weeks ago, Juvenile made his way onto CinemaBlend for a pot bust – something almost expected from the rapper - adding to his already lengthy list of legal problems. Now it seems the multi-platinum artist, nee Terius Gray, has found himself on the other side of the law by way of the murder of his 4-year-old daughter

Rant: Why Tom Petty's Not Quite Dead Yet

It’s not that I believe Tom Petty has lost all songwriting skills. Let’s face it, Tom was never the greatest song writer. But, juxtaposing Tom Petty’s voice with Mike Campbell’s guitar rifts is like having sex between Egyptian cotton sheets—it may not be the most technically astounding collaboration, but it sure fucking feels good. So, when I heard that Mr. Petty would be playing the annual half-time show during the Superbowl this year, I did not brush the occasion off as another year of wretched boob flashes or weird ensembles

CB Top 5: Tunes For A Drunk Sing-A-Long

A few weeks ago, I challenged the Music Blend writing team to come up with the perfect list of songs for this evening’s staff New Year’s party. I was planning to get hammered and make sexually suggestive, borderline immoral comments to all the female employees, and I needed a nice backing soundtrack to drown out their outraged retorts. Unfortunately, I locked the writers inside my office (it’s the biggest), and they downed two pints of Jager

25 Worst Songs To Come On During Sex

We’ve all been in that situation. You’re exchanging more than pleasantries with a significant other (or loose stranger) when your iPod, set on random, decides to iCockblock you by blasting a wildly embarrassing tune. Amidst the angry glares, your brain freezes, internally fighting about whether its worth riding the unromantic storm out or physically getting up to end the suffering

McCartney Gets High At Led Zep Reunion Gig

According to British publication The Mirror, Sir Paul McCartney was spotted at Led Zeppelin’s reunion show on Monday night enjoying a big fat marijuana cigarette. At which point the police were called, the show shut down, Macca escorted away in handcuffs and…uh, no. Nothing was done to halt the illegal activity, as the discreet staff at the O2 Arena allegedly told Paul, “It’s okay, you’re a legend”

Concert Review: Kings Of Leon

Kings of Leon are from a small town just outside of Nashville, TN. A band of brothers and one cousin, the Kings’ two-night mini-residence at the historic Ryman Auditorium has been billed for months as a “Homecoming Engagement,” native sons making good. There’s only one problem with this set-up: most old-school music lovers in Nashville can’t stand Kings of Leon

Top 5: Rock N Roll Fights

The excess of rock n roll stars is legendary. Booze, women, drugs, and even lack of sleep are all taken to staggeringly new heights, but arguably, the juiciest piece of celebrity gossip is the fight. I personally haven’t thrown a right cross since first grade so, I’m forced to live vicariously through my alpha male friends and various celebrities. Sadly, fisticuffs involving musicians are a rarity

Q Magazine Picks Greatest Songs Ever Written

Putting together a list is always a dicey proposition. The fear of omitting an innovative or important item weighs heavily on the minds of voters, and therefore, it’s generally a good idea to somehow narrow the scope of what nominations are acceptable. Occasionally, though, a publication decides to open up the playing field and print a list with absolutely no restrictions.

Motley Crue Makes Money For Nothing

Money for nothing and chicks for free is how Tommy Lee likes it, according to Dire Straits at least. Apparently the inspiration for their hit song “Money For Nothing” came from none other than American rockers Motley Crue. Members of the band were in an electronics shop when they spotted a Motley Crue video on a wall of televisions, and the spandex alone was enough for a chart topping single.

Great Debate: Is Punk Rock Dead?

Punk rock isn’t any more alive and thriving today than psychedelic rock or new wave. As far as the broader culture is concerned, it’s been dead for awhile and it ain’t coming back. Punk arose out of a very specific time and a very specific attitude. The self-satisfied winners of World War II let their culture run amok for a generation; thirty years after the War, the indulgence had gotten so out of hand

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