There are so many unbelievable things to see in the new trailer for 2012. John Cusack yells a line so cliché, it’s ridiculous (“When they tell you not to panic, you run!”), John Cusack drives through a falling building with his limo. Roland Emmerich tries his hand at political commentary by having a beefed up Austrian actor play the governor. It’s all too good/awful to be true.

The new trailer can be checked out in high-res on YouTube, and it’s a doozy. It’s pretty much the exact same footage that was shown at Comic-Con. Then, Emmerich said that what he was showing us was still “in its beginning stages” with few effects completed. This doesn’t look much better. But unfortunately, even 10,000 BC tripled its budget, so it looks as though Emmerich will continue making movies like this for a long time. Or til 2012.

Check out the new trailer in HD here or embedded below.

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