You’ve seen Roland Emmerich blow up the world before but, he’s never been quite this thorough. This time he’s blowing humanity up into even littler pieces than usual and odds are you’ll be suckered into buying a ticket to see how much CGI it takes to make a modern disaster movie. The answer to that question is: a lot.

So admit it, you’re seeing 2012. But by now you’ve heard enough from us on the subject of globally scaled mass murder. It your turn. After you see 2012 come back here and tell the world what you thought of Emmerich’s latest disaster movie. Sound off in our comments section, share your opinion on our message board, by talking back to us on twitter, and most importantly (since it’s the entire point of this post), by casting your vote in the official CB 2012 Poll below. Tell the world what you think of 2012!

What do you think of 2012?

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