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3D Films Make Up 33% Of 2010's Domestic Box Office

At the end of the year, when everyone is boasting that 2010 is the best box office year on record or something like that, remember this fact: according to The International 3D Society, 3D films have accounted for 33% of the domestic box office so far this year, led of course by Avatar.

Even though Clash of the Titans hasn't done as well in 3D, 65% of the money made by Alice in Wonderland and How To Train Your Dragon came from 3D tickets, which of course means that both films made way more money than they could have otherwise. And as more films are converted into 3D, statistics like this are only going to get ridiculous-- it's not hard to imagine some press release this time next year crowing that 95% of domestic box office is coming from 3D films. Before too long it will be like saying "Every weekend this year the box office has been topped by a movie budgeted at more than $100 million!" I mean, duh. That's just the way things are right now. It's just that for this trend in particular, there's an international society devoted to the thing that's making these expensive movies successful.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend