Judd Apatow's This is 40 could be one of the funniest commies of the holiday season-- or the most uncomfortably personal movie this side of, well, Apatow's last movie Funny People. The writer-director has always been known for drawing from his real life for his movies, but This is 40 probably crosses a new line, with three members of Apatow's actual family-- his wife Leslie Mann and his daughters Maude and Iris-- starring in the fictional family at the center of the film. The only difference is that Paul Rudd is playing the dad and father, and I guess since the character are named Pete and Debbie, it's not all real… but probably pretty close to it.

And to get even more up close and personal with the movie, which opens in theaters December 25, check out this new red-band featurette, which is less raunchy than just way way upfront about the realities of marriage and family life. You can watch it embedded below or over at Yahoo! Movies:

It makes sense that they reprise the "Do you think we should have sex tonight?" scene from Knocked Up, since This is 40 seems to be a feature-length version of that, without any of the accidental pregnancy stuff to get in the way. The question is whether or not that much marital squabbling will wind up being too much for an entire feature length film. Early buzz on This is 40 is solid, though, with some calling it Apatow's best film yet-- so while he may no longer be making movies about stunted man-children, the writer-director apparently still has the skills that have made him such a success.

Let us know in the comments if you'll be seeing This is 40, or if it's too much like your own real life to be worth a trip to the movies.

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