One of Pete and Debbie's most memorable moments in Knocked Up was when Pete casually asks his wife if she's up for sex, while the two of them are getting ready for bed, to which she responds with a grunt and the admission that she's "just really constipated." The scene showcases the humor in the reality of marriage for many of the more candid couples. And it's this scene that's used at the start of the new Red Band trailer for This is 40, Judd Apatow's sort-of sequel to Knocked Up.

Plenty of comedies play emphasis on the start of the relationship. After all, what's more romantic than falling in love? But what about the happily ever after? What about the time Husband finds something strange that Wife needs to examine closely (even if it's in one of his down-there places)? Or when he decides to take Viagra and dispays the results while she hides under a blanket? And what about the arguments with the kids over the rules? Where does that fit into happily ever after? It looks like that's what Judd Apatow's looking to explore in This is 40, which arrives in theaters later this month.

(Relatively NSFW, with some adult language featured).

In addition to seeing Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) tackling marital and parental challenges, which include a self-examination for Pete that Debbie's brought in on, and a family spat over why Charlotte can watch South Park but Sadie can't watch Lost (Sadie makes a fair point with her argument), we also get a look at Chris O'Dowd and Jason Segel as they ogle Megan Fox. This includes a conversation about O'Dowd's mustache and a yucky-funny response from Segel, which comes complete with a wink to emphasize his meaning, and is reminiscent of the overt flirtatiousness we saw from Segel's character in Knocked Up.

This is 40 arrives in theaters December 21. More information can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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