While some people at Fantastic Fest were orchestrating a social media ruse to make others believe that their ‘Secret Screening’ tonight was going to be Judd Apatow’s This is 40, the director was actually on twitter himself sharing the latest TV spot for the upcoming comedy. And as the Austin based festival attendees are in their seats watching the Wachowski’s Cloud Atlas to start (after a successful bit of misdirection), the rest of us can enjoy the new look at the sort-of-sequel to Knocked Up with a trailer called, uh, “Knocked Up.”

It’s a shame to waste half a 30 second spot on old footage - especially since we see none of the great supporting cast including Albert Brooks, Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd - but it’s probably not a bad idea to remind audiences that This is 40 is a continuation of the Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann sub-plot from the writer/director’s hugely successful comedy starring Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl.

The Christmas (and coincidentally, or not, Awards season) release has us catching up with Pete, Debbie and the kids five years after the events of Knocked Up in what seems to be another endearing, soul-crushing and, of course, raunchy examination of marriage, family and life. For the one or two people who don’t know, Mann is Apatow’s wife and their kids, Maude and Iris, also play the children in the film making Rudd kind of the surrogate patriarch for the cinematic version of the family. I wonder if that’s how the filmmaker sees himself when he looks in the mirror? Kind of like Homer in this famous bit from The Simpsons if you replace the drinking with eating brownies.

This is 40 opens on December 21st and you can see more from the movie in our Blend Film Database.

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