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With the recent downfall of the record industry, it’s necessary for musicians to become brands in place of just playing music. You can’t only be the dude who plays a guitar; you have to own a clothing brand as well. You can’t just sing a pop song; you have to endorse a deodorant too. Unfortunately, that rule works for rappers as well.

According to WENN.com, 50 Cent has sold his first script and has already hired Val Kilmer to co-star in it with him. The film will be titled The Gun and will follow two drug dealing friends as they take on the problems that drug dealers face. I don’t think they mean making friends and trying not to seem sketchy. I imagine these are the kinds of drug dealers that get shot in the face and then rap about it. The movie will be produced by Richard Jackson and will start production next month.

In researching to write this post, I checked out a couple of samples from 50 Cent’s “novels” on Amazon (yes, he’s written novels, about 10 in fact). And as one might imagine, they sound like something out of a senior high school creative writing class. It’s very possible that 50’s script will get edited like mad by people who are more talented than him, but then again, he co-wrote his books, and those authors he partnered with didn’t make them better. Uh oh.