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Just in case it hasn't officially been recorded anywhere, allow me to say that Aaron Sorkin is the king of making the mundane interesting. He's taken projects like The West Wing, The Social Network, and Moneyball that have dealt with institutions we're in tune with on a fairly regular basis, and turned them into pot boiling dramas. Sadly, over the past couple of years several projects he's been attached to have either been put on hold or abandoned, leaving his production slate to be somewhat of a mystery. If recent activity is any indication, however, one of two projects that we may see in Sorkin's near future is an adaptation of the book Flash Boys, once again reuniting him with the world of creative numbers and Michael Lewis books that detail them.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Aaron Sorkin is in negotiations with Sony to write the adaptation of Lewis' latest best-seller based in the financial world, Flash Boys. As we reported back in April, Flash Boys tells the true story of Wall Street insiders who noticed that high frequency trading was being used to gain an unfair advantage, and just what they eventually did to combat this strategy. While there's no director attached to the project yet, Sorkin will also be reunited with Academy Award-winning producer Scott Rudin on this project.

If Aaron Sorkin completely commits to this project, then it's going to be something worth paying attention to. The man has a habit of picking up movies that sound as interesting as the paper they're printed on, and turning them into something that has at least a handful of quotable lines. Between Flash Boys and his stilluntitled Steve Jobs project with Danny Boyle, Sorkin is going to be a busy man. A busy man who just might have a very golden couple of years ahead of him. Seeing as there's no director attached to Flash Boys just yet, it'd be nice to see Bennett Miller or David Fincher snag this film at the last minute, which would make the promise of this project's quality even sweeter.

Of course, if Aaron Sorkin is feeling lucky, he could make Flash Boys his directorial debut; much like he had planned with the John Edwards project he'd crafted around the biography The Politician. While that is a shakier prospect in and of itself, the man is talented enough and experienced enough with quality directors that he just might be able to acquit himself in the director's chair. For my money, I'd rather see him direct an episode of The Newsroom first before going on to any feature film work, but that's just my opinion. Whichever course is taken in the next stages of development, you can be assured that Flash Boys is going to have a lot of eyes watching it from this point on.

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