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About Time Trailer Is The Love Actually Reunion You've Been Waiting For

Director Richard Curtis. Bill Nighy. Settle down, Love Actually fans. This isn’t the sequel you’ve penned fan-fiction for, but rather a new collaboration named About Time that has a light touch and a clever sci-fi premise … meaning it likely will lure in Actually supporters and take them on a new journey. The trailer above comes to us courtesy of MSN UK. Give it a spin.

As you can see, Nighy plays the patriarch of a family whose male members are able to travel through time. He passes this information down to his relative, Tim (Domhnall Gleeson), who doesn’t use the newfound gift to change dramatic passages of history or correct humanity’s past mistakes. He uses it to get girls.

Mind you the girl he’s going after is played by Rachel McAdams, so it’s easy to understand why he’d abuse the normal rules of time travel if it meant he could storm into her bedroom, seductively remove her pajamas, and make love to her for the first … over and over again.

As expected, the trailer takes a turn near the end, with Nighy explaining how the butterfly effects of time travel create consequences, likely driving our young lovers apart. But if you have seen any Curtis film – from Notting Hill to Four Weddings and a Funeral -- you can rest assured that happy endings (with a tinge of melancholy) await the audiences when About Time opens later this year. We’re due to get it in the States on Nov. 8, released by Universal Studios.

Sean O'Connell

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