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Adam Levine Joins Keira Knightley In Can A Song Save Your Life

In terms of the timeline for a musician who might be looking to try their hand at acting, we're still in the stage where it seems strange to hear that Adam Levine is going to play a role in something. American Horror Story fans have had a little time already to adjust to the idea of the Maroon 5 singer and The Voice chair-swiveling judge playing a role in the FX horror-drama series' upcoming second season. And now it appears he has his sights set on feature roles as well. Or a feature role, anyway. In the case of this bit of casting news, there is some music connection between the film and the actor.

Deadline reports that Levine has been cast in Can a Song Save Your Life, the John Carney written/directed feature. Carney's credits include writing and directing Once, the 2006 film which was more recently adapted to the Broadway Musical that won itself eight Tony Awards last Sunday night. Can a Song Save Your Life stars Keira Knightley as a woman who is discovered by a struggling record producer while singing in a bar. Mark Ruffalo is set to play the "down-on-his-luck record producer," while Levine has been cast to play Knightley's character's boyfriend, who dumps her for a solo career not long after they move to New York. Hailee Steinfeld is also among the cast.

As this is one of his first acting roles and American Horror Story won't premiere in the fall, it's hard to know how Levine will do as an actor, but this bit of casting added on to the anticipated AHS role seems to suggest that the musician and singing competition judge is seriously looking to branch out. And it sounds like his voice will come in handy for this part.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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