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All Voices.com reports that the students at The University of Mississippi are close to voting for Admiral Ackbar, of Star Wars, to be the school mascot, for real.

The University is looking for a new mascot to represent them in the 21st century, and gave the student mascot committee the chance to come up with a new mascot. They decided to take it to a campus vote, and suddenly the most supported new mascot has become Admiral Ackbar, Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance fleet, who is racking in an alarming amount of votes.

I would say the choice is odd, but pretty freaking sweet. The obvious quesiton is whether George Lucas would actually allow this to take place. This has to be some sort of copyright infringement. We reported a couple of weeks ago that Lucas was not even happy with a billboard company using the word “Skywalker.” But even if he somehow allowed it, would the alumni of the university boycott the student decision?

It's pretty cool that this idea is even getting as far as it is. Does this really have a chance to becoming the final choice for the University's new mascot? If the students want it to represent them, then let them have it! Most epic school mascot ever.