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Undoubtedly, Anthony Hopkins is one of the world's greatest living actors. He's portrayed a wide array of characters, tackled a variety of genres and all with a growling bravado that's made us want more. Hopkins is so good that his skills can transcend plots with absurd setups and laughable loglines, which is why we've been eager for New Line's Solace since they attached The Silence of the Lambs Oscar-winner last fall.

Originally conceived by producing team Sean Bailey and Ted Griffin (Matchstick Men), the thriller centers on John Clancy, a retired doctor with psychic abilities who uses his special gifts to help the FBI track down an elusive serial killer. Hopkins will anchor Solace by playing Clancy, and Variety reports New Line is close to securing buzzed-about Brazilian director Afonso Poyart, who has drawn notice with his action-packed debut 2 Coelhos. Poyart, wrote, directed, produced and cut the mayhem-laced tale of police corruption, and has already sold the remake rights to Tango Pictures, which will keep him on board as executive producer. However, Solace would be the helmer's domestic debut, should he sign on. But seriously, with Hopkins committed to front the flick, Poyart would be a fool to pass.

Still, it doesn't sound like Solace will be shooting anytime soon, as the script—which was rewritten by Zodiac scribe James Vanderbilt last year— still seems to be in flux, with Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon) giving the thriller a polish. Often tossing the script from one scribe to the next can become a case of too many chefs in the kitchen, but with Morgan and Vanderbilt being among them, I'm holding out hope that their incredible touch for tense drama survive the studio's notes.
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