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Afternoon Awesome: C3PO Redubbed As A Stereotypical Black Man

The release of the Star Wars saga on Blu-ray a couple weeks ago has the internet in an uproar. Everyone is tired of all the tinkering and tomfoolery George Lucas is doing with his classic films and fans haven’t been afraid to speak their voice, be it through angry articles like us, or in videos mocking the changes like the one I have for you this afternoon.

Aspiring YouTube comedians The Distinguished Gentlemen have it on good authority that Lucas was hoping to add a more urban spin to his three decade-old franchise. One method to try to give it that feel was to redub the mouth-less C3PO’s lines in a more urban, dare I say 'black', tone. Below is the result.

Even though this is just a spoof made by some scorned fans, everyone should appeal to George Lucas so he’ll hire this guy to do at least the original trilogy this way. A badass, in-your-face C3PO could make things entirely more awesome. Better yet, let’s leave C3PO alone, and have this guy redub all of Jar Jar Binks’ lines, and while we’re at it, we might as well have him do Jake Lloyd (young Anakin in Phantom Menace) and Hayden Christensen as well.

With the crazy amount of sales this blu-ray release has gotten, it’s safe to say that most people simply don’t care about what’s happened to their Star Wars, as long as they get it one way or another. Maybe one day Lucas will listen up and let go of his precious movies, but until then, keep these spoofs (like THIS one) coming. They make all our Thursday afternoons a little bit better.