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You'd think John Travolta was uncomfortable playing a mobster in Gotti: Three Generations, given how many actors from other famous Mafia films he's surrounding himself with. He's already brought in Joe Pesci, playing right-hand man Angelo Ruggiero to Travolta's crime boss John Gotti Sr., and now Variety reports that Pacino has signed on to play another Gotti associate, Neil Dellacroce.

Pacino, of course, is the central figure of the most important Mafia movies ever made, The Godfather trilogy, while Pesci had central roles in mobster-centric films Goodfellas and Casino. Pesci has been on board the Gotti project nearly since the beginning, but Pacino signing on comes about a week after Barry Levinson signed on to replace original director Nick Cassavetes. With Lindsay Lohan filling in a supporting role and John Gotti Jr. cooperating on the production it's hard to know exactly what to expect from the project, but you can't argue with the bona fides of the cast-- even Pacino, usually content to shout his way through his most recent performances, turned in a great one for Levinson himself in You Don't Know Jack. It might be a little weird to watch a John Gotti movie with Michael Corleone hovering in the corners, but if he balances out the Lohan factor, it seems worth a shot.