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Sure, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro have had similar careers-- Italian-American actors with memorable contributions to the Godfather saga and some late-career embarrassments-- but even at this point I don't think anyone would suggest they're interchangeable. And yet, according to the odd laws of casting, they most certainly are. THR writes that Pacino has jumped in for De Niro in Son of No One, a police thriller to be directed by A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints helmer Dito Montiel.

Channing Tatum will likely once again be starring for Montiel, as a young cop working the beat in his old neighborhood, "with an old secret surfacing and threatening to destroy his life and family." There's no deal yet in place for Tatum, but he seems like a loyal guy, so I'd expect him to sign on sooner or later. Katie Holmes, Ray Liotta and Terrence Howard are also in the process of joining the cast.

It's been years since Pacino starred in a decent movie, of course, and Montiel's last project Fighting is likely to be remembered only as a camp classic. And yet, something about this pair seems oddly great to me. Even if the movie turns out schlocky, Montiel's deeply felt directing style will likely result in some seriously great Al Pacino screen outbursts.

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