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I was sold on the 3D action movie Drive Angry pretty much the moment I knew it was more of a comedy and starred Nicolas Cages, so more additions to the cast-- like Twilight actor Billy Burke as a cult leader-- have basically just been gilding the lily. Same goes for the addition of Amber Heard, who THR says will play a diner employee who helps Cage in his quest to find his kidnapped granddaughter. I'm sure she'll be great and all, but Cage is the main attraction here.

Drive Angry starts filming this month in Shreveport, Louisiana, and it will be just under a year from now-- February 11-- that we get to see if the magic actually worked. Drive Angry is actually the kind of movie I think is ideally suited for 3D, schlocky and lurid and unafraid to throw everything in your face. I know everyone thinks the future of 3D is adding subtle touches to already giant spectacle, but I prefer my gimmicky technology a little more down and dirty. I sincerely hope everyone behind Drive Angry feels the same way, and plans to make this exactly as ridiculous as I want it to be.

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