Amityville Legacy Set To Become 10th Film In The Horror Franchise

Because ten is so much more appealing than nine, The Amityville Horror is set for yet another film. Despite some inconsistencies and scores of papers and specials calling the legend a hoax, the aura behind the creepiest house in America is still very much alive and anything associated with it is big business. The 2005 remake of the original film starring Ryan Reynolds was produced by Michael Bay and generated over a hundred million in box office returns; now The Amityville Legacy is looking to cash in.

Developed by Hannibal Classics and adapted from John G. Jones’ original work Amityville: Evil Escapes, Legacy will follow the Evans family as they cope with the staggering loss of Aunt Carolyn. She killed herself under mysterious circumstances, leaving her two kids to be raised by the Evans’ in a new house they all move into, hoping for a fresh start. Unfortunately, that peace of mind never comes after father Michael begins refashioning the residence to look like the fateful Amityville house and mother Nancy wakes up in terror every night.

According to Coming Soon, Amityville Legacy is scheduled to begin principal photography later this year for a release sometime during the middle of 2012. With no one cast, it’s still unclear whether Hannibal Classics plans to make the film on the cheap like many of the later sequels or aim for a mid-range budget in hopes of scoring another big box office total. We’ll let you know when those details become available.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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