Spike Lee is planning a sequel to his surprisingly cool heist thriller Inside Man. It may not seem like the sort of film that lends itself to it, but Spike has plans, so he's negotiating a deal to get it done while working on the script with the first movie's writer Russell Gerwitz, according to Variety.

The original film starred Denzel Washington and Clive Owen in story of a heist told from the perspective of a cop trying to talk down a bank robber after his heist turns into a hostage situation. Or was that what the thieves intended all along? It's an incredibly complex, creatively structured film and the ending is one of those cool shockers it's not easy to see coming.

So how do you follow that up? Right now Spike's not talking, but Inside Man was the biggest moneymaker of Lee's entire career. It made $183 million worldwide and only cost $45 million to make. I seems he's discovered the joys of blockbuster filmmaking.

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