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Darren Aronofsky is set to try his hand at the heist genre. It’s a thriller but since it’s an Aronofsky movie rest assured it’ll be unlike any other heist-thriller you’ve seen before. He’s done a drug movie, space opera, sports, and he’s currently working on a movie set in the world of dance, but no matter what the genre every film is distinctly Aronofsky.

This latest untitled film is, according to Variety, being adapted by Kerry Williamson from a “rights” package involving the criminal exploits of a UFC fighter named "Lighting" Lee Murray. He’s alleged to have been involved in one of the biggest heists in British history, in which more than $53 million was stolen.

Even without the heist Murray’s life might be worth filming. Though a professional mixed martial arts fighter he also involved himself in street brawls and all sorts of seemingly out of control behavior which eventually resulted in hospitalization after being stabbed outside a London club. He’s currently imprisoned in Morocco, awaiting trial for the robbery of Britain’s Securitas depot, one of 30 people arrested on suspicion of being involved in the crime.