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If you follow me or any of Cinema Blend's other writers on Twitter, you may have noticed that we frequently get into conversations with colleagues from other sites about whatever hot topic is bugging us that week, whether it's inside-baseball critic discussion about whatever Armond White has written lately or arguing back and forth over the meaning of Inception. Twitter is a great way to hear a lot of voices on a certain topic all at the same time, but of course, it's also extremely limited-- as soon as you think you've got a good conversation going, the character limit or the fact that everyone is supposed to be working puts a damper on things.

So when an article at Film Threat brought back all the old drama about how Kevin Smith wants critics to pay for movies themselves, I started talking about it on Twitter with pals Matt Patches of UGO and Dave Gonzales of Latino Review, and we quickly realized there was a lot more to say. We decided to hop on Skype to hash it out, and because we were just feeling that generous, we recorded it to share with you guys. It's not a podcast so much as a recorded conversation, the kind of thing we talk about amongst ourselves all the time, but rarely share beyond the 140 characters on twitter.

If you're not up to date on the Kevin Smith vs. the critics drama, the Film Threat article sums up a lot of it, but here are the basics: Kevin Smith doesn't think he needs critics any more, and we don't like hearing that one bit. We've known this since February, of course, when Smith first started calling critics out, but it's interesting all over again now that Smith has wrapped his next film Red State and plans to bring it to Sundance in January and seek a distributor. By trying to cut out the critic middleman and bring his movies directly to audiences, is Smith forging some new model of independent filmmaking? Or is he just turning his back on the critical community that helped bring Clerks to light and therefore harming other independent filmmakers who may want to come up in his wake? We talk about all that and more in the audio file below. The first thing you'll hear is taken from Smith's appearance on the Dean Blundell radio show, which sums up a lot of his argument about critics

If you like what you hear, get in touch with us and tell us! It's entirely possible we'll have a conversation like this again. Find me (@kateyrich), Dave (@da7e) and Matt (@misterpatches) on Twitter.

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