Earlier this fall The Social Network set a new high bar for movie websites, totally eschewing a gimmicky faux-Facebook kind of thing and instead making the official site as elegant and unnerving as the movie itself. But the marketing masterminds at Fox Searchlight are never to be outdone, and have shown up with a fantastic viral site for Black Swan, the Darren Aronofsky film that hits theaters December 1.

Called, intriguingly, I Just Want To Be Perfect, the site doesn't even give you the title of the movie, but a series of intriguing, spooky images of star Natalie Portman as she begins her character Nina Sayers' descent into… madness? Commitment to ballet? Some awful combination of the two? Clicking through the site gives you a calendar format countdown to the release date, and every few days a calendar block is filled in with a few more frames from the film, which you can click on to fill the browser window if you really want to freak yourself out. Following Nina Sayers' twitter feed lets you know when a new scene is revealed.

The site doesn't really give you anything more than the phenomenal trailer, but it's all about mood and execution, which it does quite well. Go click around over there, watch the trailer below (because you really can never watch it enough times) and try not to die of anticipation for this stunning film.

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