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Boyle Wants Cillian Murphy For 127 Hours??

What's not to love about the British tabloids? They often produce asinine, bogus stories (Robin Williams to play Susan Boyle, Eddie Murphy is The Riddler) and their credibility worldwide is in the toilet, which gives them the freedom to write even more asinine and bogus stories. Big players in this field include the likes of The Sun and The Daily Mail, but you can never discount the smaller ones, this time being News of The World.

Coming off a year in which his film took home eight Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay, Danny Boyle is a hot ticket right now and his next project, 127 Hours, is already gaining a lot of attention. This in mind, News Of The World has published a source-less story claiming that Cillian Murphy is Boyle's top choice to play the films protagonist, in the true story about hiker Aron Ralston, who cut off his own arm when he trapped under a rock, before scaling back down the mountain. "Why Murphy?" you may ask. Simple: Murphy has already been in two of Boyle's films.

Knowing a few British journalists myself, I actually feel sorry for the legitimate ones. While hard working writers at The Guardian or The Daily Telegraph try to bring hard news to the people of the UK, they are outsold more than 3:1 because of rumor and boobs on page three. Until you see pictures of Murphy wandering around with a bloody, prosthetic stump on his right arm, you can pretty much ignore this story.

(via /Film)

Eric Eisenberg
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