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Paramount’s push for the summer zombie apocalypse thriller World War Z is heating up. The studio screened a heap of footage for select journalists, including our own Eric Eisenberg, on the Paramount lot Friday afternoon. Earlier today we saw the release of the brand new poster. And tonight, as seen above, we have the brand new trailer, courtesy of Apple.

“Daddy, what’s Marshall Law?” one of Brad Pitt’s young daughters asks, responding to news on a nearby television set that chaos is breaking out around our planet. If you’ve read Max Brooks’ film on which World War Z is based, you know that it recounts the survival stories of humans who endure in the time following a zombie outbreak. The film's director Marc Forster takes a different bend with the adaptation, and appears ready to show us that outbreak, dropping Pitt and his on-screen family into the middle of the melee.

A lot of this footage was showcased in earlier trailers, with Pitt using a daring helicopter stunt to escape a wave of undead creatures as they storm what looks to be his apartment in a devastated city. The mid-air attack that ends the clip is cool, but I wonder if Forster had any idea that Iron Man 3 was going to attempt a similar visual stunt. This second trailer give audiences a better look at the global effect of the zombies, who are able to take over Moscow, D.C., Paris and more. “Life as we know it” is over and done with, and characters are facing “the end of humanity.”

It sounds bleak for a summer movie, unless Pitt actually manages to uncover a cure. Is that what he means by, “I need answers?” The bigger question, though, lies in the digital zombies. Forster’s team creates waves of digital threats, but is “more” going to equal “scary?” Or will audiences cool to the obvious digitalness of the creatures on screen? We shall see when World War Z opens in theaters on June 21.