Ever since 2009's Land of the Lost ended up being a total box office disaster (making only $49 million domestically with a $100 million budget), director Brad Silberling has spent some time in director jail. While he's worked on TV projects, offers weren't exactly flowing in for him to get back into the feature world. Apparently he's back, however, and has added two stellar actors to his newest project.

THR is reporting that Brendan Gleeson and Abbie Cornish have been hired to play the two leads in An Ordinary Man, which is based on an original screenplay by Silberling. The film is a thriller about a shut-in war criminal whose only contact to the outside world is his maid. While the trade doesn't say it, one can assume that Gleeson will be playing the criminal and Cornish will play the maid. Silberling is producing the film along with Chris Miller, James Burke and Michael Ritter and Radiant Films International is on-board to shop the project to foreign markets at the Cannes Film Festival.

Said Silberling in an official statement about the casting, ""There's no greater pleasure than crafting a tale for brilliant actors to sink their teeth into, and with Brandon and Abbie, I feel like I've hit the jackpot. Watching them go toe to toe in this suspenseful tightrope walk of veiled intentions, cat-and-mouse psychology and desperate gambling for human contact -- it will be a filmmaker's dream to capture."

The trade doesn't say when they are planning to go into production.

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