Not many of you will recognize the name Bryan Cranston, but his face is unmistakable. He's been working for what feels like forever doing TV work here and there and a few small movie roles, but you will all almost definitely recognize him as the hairy, somewhat dim-witted father from the beloved TV series Malcolm in the Middle. Currently you can catch him as the meth-cooking Walter White on AMC's Breaking Bad, and if you're not watching that show, there's something wrong with you.

According to THR, the actor has his sights set on a new dramedy from the mind of the Hollywood personality I would most like to hang out with, Tom Hanks. With Nia Vardalos Hanks wrote Larry Crowne, in which he'll star as a guy who is laid off from his job and starts over by going back to college. There, he meets a professor (to be played by Julia Roberts) with whom he forms a relationship. Cranston will be playing Roberts' husband, a career blogger who shirks most of his work and looks at porn all day, which let's be honest, is preferable to most occupations.

Larry Crowne gets started this month in LA (shocker) and Universal will distribute.

A Hanks/Cranston team up would be really awesome, but the way the story sounds, they might not get too much screen time together. Hopefully the two will share some scenes and give us what we really want: scenes NOT involving Julia Roberts.

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