By now you might have realized that we really, really like Cabin in the Woods around here. The twisty, totally surprising horror film from Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon has won over even horror weenies like me, and has critics everywhere thrilled to find a horror movie that for once has actual surprises. But it's not just critics who have been buzzing about it for weeks-- a series of pre-screenings all over the country have gotten all kinds of audiences thrilled about the movie, and hopefully telling their friends to catch it in a theater this weekend-- since, as Kelly will tell you, it really ought to be seen with a crowd.

Don't want to take our word for it? Fine-- then check out this video recorded right after the Cabin in the Woods screening we hosted in Columbus, Ohio. I stood out in the lobby to talk to a bunch of moviegoers who, as you'll see, were just as excited about the movie as I was. Take a look below.

Cabin in the Woods is open now in theaters. I cannot possibly overstate how fun this movie is. Get out there and see it! And if you were at the Columbus screening-- and especially if you're in this video-- thanks again for coming out and sharing your responses!

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