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Mondo is famous for creating gorgeous posters for older films, posters that sell out online almost immediately-- check out this gorgeous new one for The Exorcist for just one example. But to celebrate one of the most innovative and entertaining horror films in years, Mondo has created a poster for a new film, releasing a new design today for Drew Goddard's Cabin in the Woods. The poster is already sold out, in true Mondo form, but it's still worth taking a look at below.

The twisty cabin design is a more elaborate and elegant twist on the actual official poster, and the chicken wire pattern that shows up near the bottom echoes the invisible fence you see in the Trailer. In short, Mondo has done their usual thing and gotten down to the essence of the film without being too obvious or cliched about it.

Hopefully by now you're aware of how much we love Cabin in the Woods, and without spoiling yourself on any of the great plot details, you're planning to see the film when it opens next Friday. You may not be able to have this poster in hand, but I promise that as gorgeous as it is, the movie itself is even better.

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