Cartoon Shows How Prometheus Should Have Ended

Like many of you, we here at Cinema Blend were really looking forward to Ridley Scott's return to the world of Alien with Prometheus. And like many of you, we overall enjoyed it but walked out scratching our heads over some serious leaps in logic and lingering inquiries. While we addressed these unanswered questions with an investigative editorial, the spoof series How It Should Have Ended has now turned their issues with some of Prometheus's plot problems into a sharp and sardonic cartoon. Check it out below:

Personally, I forgive Prometheus a lot of its issues because I was so taken in by its sprawling sci-fi world and the mesmerizing characters that inhabited it. Pretty much, they had me at Peter O'Toole-idolizing android. But that doesn't mean I was blind to the movie's more unbelievable moments.

That's what makes these vids so cathartic. Daniel Baxter and Tommy Watson, the minds behind How It Should Have Ended, poke fun at plot holes and logic leaps but with a clear love and respect for the movie. The craftsmanship shown in carefully recreating the looks of these films like The Avengers, Titanic, and Tangled shows their appreciation for these pictures, making their cheeky mockery feel more friendly than barbed.

Baxter and Watson started their webseries after a night at the movies ended in a laugh-filled conversation about better alternate endings. Many of us can relate to this experience, and I think that's why HISHE's creations are so uniquely entertaining. These guys aren't taking potshots at mindless popcorn movies; they're sharing in our frustration when more ambitious films don't live up to our incredibly high—and cinema-savvy—expectations.

Check out more of these movie-skewering cartoonists' creations at here.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.