Directing duo Andy and Lana Wachowski have just completed production on their much buzzed-about ensemble mystery Cloud Atlas, and already they've begun the casting process for their next feature, Jupiter Ascending. According to Deadline, Warner Brothers has approached Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis to lead the film, a sci-fi epic that's story is being closely guarded at this stage.

But while we sadly know no plot details, we can extrapolate that Tatum, with two of 2012's noteworthy box offices successes (The Vow and 21 Jump Street) under his belt, will be pulling down a major check from WB should he sign on. He's proven his bankability with audiences and his charisma to critics, so he'd be a major get for Jupiter. As for Kunis, it'd be fascinating to see the talented actress, who has displayed her talents in dramas and comedies alike, tackle a genre picture. Plus, the pairing of these incredibly beautiful people is sure to prove explosive onscreen.

Curiously, Deadline mentions in passing how last spring the Wachowski siblings went in search of financiers to fund a hard R-rated drama about the complicated relationship between a gay U.S. soldier and an Iraqi. The pair had hoped to helm the piece, but have made no progress finding funding, probably because of the script's taboo subject matter. Is it possible that these intrepid filmmakers are returning to the kind of sweeping sci-fi that made them famous with The Matrix in hopes of ultimately directing a drama far afield from their established forte and far too controversial for a studio to back? I do wonder.

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