Every year we see good movies and bad movies. Most of the time, however, we know which movies are going to be bad, and which will be good before they ever hit the theaters. When a movie that’s expected to be bad is, in fact, bad, it goes in and out of our minds fairly quickly. But when a movie that we thought was going to be good turns out to be less than expected...that’s when it hurts. Here are 10 movies from 2015 that gave us high expectations that they were unable to meet.

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10. Fantastic Four
To be clear, we weren’t necessarily expecting the reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise to be great, we just really, really hoped it would be. The Fantastic Four are the first family Marvel, and in a world where every other comic property is experiencing a renaissance on screen, The Fantastic Four are conspicuous by their absence. Unfortunately, our worst fears were realied. The movie was a mess from start to finish. A great cast of actors had nothing to work with, and one of the greatest villains in the Marvel universe was reduced to...we’re still not sure what.

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