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Chris Pratt And Channing Tatum In A Ghostbusters Movie? Get The Details

Sony doesn’t have a ton of valuable properties on which it can build a franchise. Spider-Man is struggling (as we have documented on the site), and movies like Men In Black have run their course. The studio has a ton of faith in Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters, but new emails revealed by the infamous Sony hack suggest that the studio is thinking much bigger than just an all-female relaunching of the cherished comedy series.

The Daily Beast continues to mine material out of countless Sony emails, and this time unearths a series of conversations between Channing Tatum and Sony Chair Amy Pascal about the 21 Jump Street star kick-starting a Ghostbusters spinoff with himself and Chris Pratt in the leads. You have to admire his passion. It’s interesting that Channing Tatum views this potential Ghostbusters spinoff as a Batman Begins-style franchise origin reboot. And the day after Tatum sent this email, Hannah Minghella, the co-president of production for Columbia Pictures, reportedly fleshed out the actors’ plan for a reboot (beyond, "COME OONNNN!!!"), discussing the Russos and Channing Tatums' interest in developing Ghostbusters for Channing and Chris Pratt to do together.

This gets to the heart of the problem with all of these leaked emails. They tend to swirl around projects that are in early stages of discussion, and they might not ever extend beyond the email stage. The emails admit that, while Channing Tatum is excited, they hadn’t even brought the project to Chris Pratt… and there are countless reasons why Pratt might not be available to participate in such a project. His commitments to Marvel, the Jurassic World series, and the LEGO sequels being just a few of them.

But the story, as it develops, tells us a few interesting things. Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt, who worked together on the 2011 ensemble dramedy 10 Years, are actively looking for a project on which to collaborate. And the Russo brothers – Joe and Anthony – are aggressively looking to step up their profile as producers. Recently, we linked them to a bid to take over the Spider-Man franchise for Sony. If this is accurate, they want to exert their influence over Ghostbusters as well, with two of the biggest stars on the planet in their corner.

We will continue to track any progress this spinoff version of Ghostbusters might enjoy. For now, what do you think about the potential pairing of Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum in a Ghostbusters movie?

Sean O'Connell

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