Even before Chronicle was released director Josh Trank has been mentioned in conversation about some high-profile comic book adaptation. First came the story that he was in line for the reboot of The Fantastic Four and then rumor had it that he was being looked at for the Venom spin-off movie over at Sony. Turns out he has landed on a comic book property, but there's a good chance you haven't heard of this one.

Deadline is reporting that Trank is now developing an adaptation of The Red Star , based on the comic by Christian Gossett. Neal Moritz will be serving as producer on the film while Jason Rothenberg has already been hired to write the script. The story is set in an alternate universe USSR where a soldier fights to kill a fascist ruler. The book mixes both science fiction elements and fantasy. Since being released in early February, Chronicle has been a smash hit, pulling in over $116 million internationally on a $12 million budget.

Right now studios are excited about Trank because it seems that he's a director who knows how to keep things cheap while also creating a spectacle, but the truth is that is something simply inherent with found footage film. It will be interesting to see what Trank can do when he's given a real blockbuster budget - or at least something over $50 million - to work with.

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