Capone Reviews Plus Scoob! Director On Space Jam, Quentin Tarantino And More

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Films that were on our “can’t wait to see” list for 2020 are finding new ways to reach their audiences. Movie theaters may remain closed for the time being, but some first-run films are opting for paid VOD in order to reach audiences who are starving for fresh content. Trolls World Tour tested the model earlier this year, to impressive numbers. Judd Apatow will being the Pete Davidson comedy The King of Staten Island to VOD in June.

And then there is Scoob!, the family-friendly blast of nostalgia from Warner Bros. that brings the five memorable members of Mystery Inc. back to the screen for a new adventure. Scoob! finds a clever way of telling the origin story of Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred. Then it expands on the Hanna-Barbera universe in telling a much larger tale.

Writer-director Tony Cervone joined ReelBlend this week for a fascinating and hilarious conversation about his history in animation (he was behind Space Jam, the Animaniacs, Duck Dodgers and so much more), his love of Scooby, and a lot more. It’s a wonderful conversation, so dive in now!

Shaggy and Scooby-Doo

In addition to the interview, this week’s episode of ReelBlend touches on Neve Campbell’s possible return to the Scream franchise, talk about New Mutants getting yet another release date (low-key lol), and then dissect Hamilton’s move to Disney+ and what that might mean for censoring Lin-Manuel Miranda’s award-winning musical.

The Blend Game this week as to do with the Coen Brothers. And that’s also a fantastic time to tee up reviews of Josh Trank’s Capone (as Trank is a noted fanatic of Joel and Ethan). Now that the movie ALSO is available on paid VOD, it’s a wealth of new content that the Blenders can check out, while we all wait patiently for theaters to open back up, in a safe environment for all.

Scoob! will be available to stream on Friday, May 15.

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