With the Toronto International Film Festival debuting many of the fall's most highly anticipated features long before they'll hit theaters, it can be a bummer for movie fans left to snatch up and savor every tweet, review and news story about the films they anxiously anticipate. Thankfully, one of these much buzzed about efforts is coming soon. The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson's long-awaited follow-up to his Oscar-winning and hard-hitting drama There Will Be Blood, will hit theaters on September 21st. But those around New York City will have a special chance to see the film tomorrow night.

Since the unveiling of its first trailer, The Master has been enticing us with its vague yet confident tone. Fitting since the film focuses on a man drawn into The Cause by a charismatic but suspicious leader. Bringing together award season favorites Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams, Anderson must have known he had a drama that radiates heat on his hands, but happily The Weinstein Company realizes this too, offering just tantalizing teases of the intense chemistry, knowing they really don't need to reveal much more to attract cinephiles. And their latest clip offers a real treat: not only another look at Phoenix's mercurial protagonist, but also a special advanced screening at the iconic Ziegfeld Theater. Check it out below:

Now, the storied Ziegfeld Theater is by far my favorite movie theater in NYC. It is grand and opulent in way of old school theaters, complete with dapper ushers, plush velvet seats and a massive red curtain before the screen that unfurls before the film begins. I've seen more movies than I can count there, but the most affecting was Lawrence of Arabia, shown in its original 70mm print. Now, I haven't seen The Master yet, but if Anderson felt the narrative demanded the incredible scale of 70mm, I have to imagine that's really the ideal way to see it. Plus, $10 for a movie ticket is a major bargain in NYC, and the funds all go to The Film Foundation, which is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and archival of cinema. In short: go!

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